National Breastfeeding Week 2024


  • National Breastfeeding Week is celebrated in Canada from October 1-7th. Usually celebrated internationally each year in August, in Canada we celebrate World Breast/Chestfeeding Week from Oct. 1-7.


  • Why October? It is the tenth month of the year and symbolizes the first week of a baby’s life after nine months of pregnancy, when a baby would begin to breast/chestfed.


  • Each year a global theme is developed by the National Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA). This year’s theme, “Closing the Gap: Breastfeeding Support for all focus’ on survival, health and wellbeing. It will showcase the need to improve breastfeeding support to reduce inequalities that exist in our society with a special focus on breastfeeding in times of emergencies and crises.


Click here for the National Breastfeeding Week 2023 Proclamation page.

Click here for activity pages.

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