How Do I Know My Baby’s Getting Enough Breastmilk?

Seasonal Flu: Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Resource for Fathers / Partners

Holding Your Baby Skin-To-Skin

Breastfeeding is Healthy – Postcards


If you have any concerns, need help, or extra support, please reach out to your public health nurse. Contact information is linked here.

Breastfeeding Supports in NL

Local support groups, La leche league, Lactation consultants, Public health nurses, LactMed

Baby-Friendly NL Directional Document 2020-2025

The 2020-2025 Directional Document entailing the updated Vision, Mission, Values and Priority Areas for Action can be seen here.

Breastfeeding Handbook

Extensive resource on breastfeeding including information on breastfeeding, starting breastfeeding, and continuing to breastfeed.

Why Breastfeed?

Importance of Breastfeeding, Recommendations, First 6 Months up to 3 Years and Beyond

Preparing to Breastfeed Before Delivery

What you can do ahead of delivery to prepare for breastfeeding. Learn about attachment, hand expression, and more.

10 Valuable Steps to Successful Breastfeeding

Ten tips to help with your breastfeeding journey.

How to Breastfeed

Breast milk supply, latching, signs breastfeeding is going well and more

Breastfeeding Handbook (2016)

Information on how to start breastfeeding and to continue. Lots of topics covered in this one!

There’s No Hug Like the First

Check out this new poster “There’s no hug like the first” and reach out to your healthcare provider to discuss your options for skin-to-skin contact.

The Early Days of Breastfeeding

First days, reading babies cues, hand expression, skin to skin, when to get help

Starting to Breastfeed

How to know when baby is ready, different feeding positions, signs of a good latch, and more

Breastfeeding Information For Parents

Continuing to Breastfeed at Home

How to keep breastfeeding going, sleeping habits how often and long should you breastfeed, wet diapers, and more.

Wet Diapers and Bowel Movements

What to look for in baby's bowel movements.

Common Concerns and How to Help

Sore nipples, not enough milk, latch issues, engorgement, and more

Caring for Your Mental Health

Some resources and access to mental health supports for after your baby is born.

Other Infant Feeding

If you are interested in seeing resources for breastfeeding click here.

Life Choices and Breastfeeding

Nutrition, sex after birth, alcohol, medications, returning to work, and more

Support from Family and Friends

Ways partners, families, and friends can help support you in your infant feeding journey

Breastfeeding – The Way to Feed Babies

Caring for You While Breastfeeding

How should I be feeling in early weeks? Support systems, and lifestyle choices

Breastfeeding During Covid-19

Information on Covid-19 and Covid-19 vaccinations while pregnant and breastfeeding

Indigenous Families

Breastfeeding information and support for Indigenous families

Parent Mental Health Resources

Resources and supports for mental health in NL

Mental Health

Who to contact if you are experiencing mental health struggles after birth

Feeding at Home & Keeping it Going

Caring for Yourself & Getting Help from Friends & Family

Skin-to-Skin: Our First Cuddle

Learn more about the benefits of close contact soon after your baby’s birth including the reduction of stress, encouraged bonding, and more.

Get to Know Your Baby and Let Your Baby Know You

Find out some of the benefits of developing close contact with your baby soon after they are born.

Newfoundland and Labrador HealthLine

10 Great Reasons to Breastfeed Your Baby

From benefits to the child and mother to its convenience, this article discusses 10 great reasons to breastfeed.

10 Valuable Tips for Successful Breastfeeding

Learn a number of great tips including how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk, how to feed your baby, and how to breastfeed while working or attending school.

Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing

Protecting, Promoting and Supporting Breastfeeding: A Practical Workbook for Community-Based Programs

Published by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada in 2014.

Breastfeeding Committee for Canada

Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes: National Implementation of the International Code, Status Report 2016

Women Need Folic Acid

During pregnancy, folic acid helps your baby’s spine, brain and skull develop properly.

Healthy Eating for Babies Age 6-12 Months

This guide provides information on healthy eating for your baby from 6-12 months of age. It also offers guidance on helping babies develop healthy eating habits and answers many common questions parents and caregivers have when starting to introduce solid foods.

Healthy Eating for Your Toddler: Age 12-24 Months

This practical guide gives you information on how to help your child develop healthy eating habits for a lifetime.

You, Your Child, and Food

This guide is for parents and caregivers of preschool children, and anyone else involved in their care.

RESOURCE: Infant Formula: What You Need to Know

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Looking for Breastfeeding Support?

There are a number of support networks available to you for both medical or non medical advice – some are accessible 24/7. Click the link below to view some of our online support services.

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