My name is Janet Beattie and I am a private practice Lactation consultant (IBCLC). I have a BScN degree from McMaster University and  I have been a volunteer peer supporter with La Leche League Canada for 8 years.  I have three happy and busy children, ages 10, 7, and 3.

My goal when I decided to pursue becoming a Lactation Consultant (LC) was to be able to offer support , information and care to breastfeeding parents.  Breastfeeding can come with challenges that sometimes require time and problem solving with an LC.

I personally experienced challenges with my first two children, born early and uninterested in latching and my middle boy born with Down syndrome. My third was my first experience having a baby willing to breastfeed as soon as he was born.

As an LC, some of the issues I have helped moms with are: low supply; high supply; using nipple shields and weaning off shields; poor infant weight gains; establishing pain-free latch; adoptive nursing; laid back and side lying breastfeeding; identifying lip and tongue ties; and building breastfeeding confidence.

As a private practice LC, I visit parents in the comfort of their homes. Visits are usually 1.5-2hours. I am available evenings and weekends. Follow up via text, email, or phone at anytime after the initial visit. Fee for service.

Contact : or text: 690-8725.

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