The Breastfeeding Research Working Group has been co-chaired by Dr. Laurie Twells and Dr. Leigh Anne Newhook at Memorial University for close to 15 years. Working under the umbrella of our Baby-Friendly Council of NL, we work with researchers, health care professionals, decision-makers, and policymakers to advance the research around infant nutrition, specifically in the area of breastfeeding in our province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Over the last 15 years, we have made significant progress in this area and continue to do so with each new project!


The Breastfeeding Research Working Group 2022-2023

From left to right: Dr. Laurie Twells, Dr. Leigh Anne Newhook, Kathryn Dalton, Nadine McEvoy, Brianna Thompson, Brenda Oldford, Dr. Anne Drover, Alicia Blackmore, Heidi Boyd, Heather Gates, Rosie Stanoev, Kendra Lester, Dr. Jennifer Donnan, Dr. Tiffany Lee, Sylvia Farooq. Missing from Photo: Amelia Lacey, Reace MacPhee, Clare Bessell, Hilary Price, Brittany Howell, Dr. Samantha Woodrow, Dr. Sara Dalley, Dr. Heather O’Dea, and Dr. William Midodzi)


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Can Exclusive Breastfeeding Reduce the Likelihood of Childhood Obesity in Some Regions of Canada? 

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A qualitative study exploring factors associated with mothers’ decisions to formula-feed their infants in NL, Canada. 

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How formula feeding mothers balance risks and define themselves as ‘good mothers’

Infant-feeding among low-income women: the social context that shapes their perspectives and experiences 

Infant Feeding in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada: Perceptions and Experiences of Maternal Grandmothers 

Assessing Infant Feeding Attitudes of Expectant Women in a Provincial Population in Canada: Validation of the Iowa Infant Feeding Attitude Scale 

Determining Clinically Relevant Cutoff Scores for the Iowa Infant Feeding Attitude Scales Among Prenatal Women in Canada 

Psychometric Assessment and Precision Remodeling of the Iowa Infant Feeding Attitude Scale to Improve Clinical Use and Efficacy Among Prenatal Women in Canada 

Determinants of Nonmedically Indicated In-Hospital Supplementation of Infants Whose Birthing Parents Intended to Exclusively Breastfeed 

Poverty and Breastfeeding: Comparing Determinants of Early Breastfeeding Cessation Incidence in Socioeconomically Marginalized and Privileged Populations in the FiNaL Study 

Infant feeding mode predicts the costs of healthcare services in one region of Canada: a data linkage pilot study 

Communication, Relationships, and Priorities: Parental and Provider Experiences of Infant Feeding Support on the Northeast Avalon

Mothers’ experiences of breastfeeding a child with tongue-tie 

Human Milk Expression After Domperidone Treatment in Postpartum Women: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials 



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