Overall, no medium can match the impact and engagement of the big screen. Audiences are in their seats, ready to be entertained, and there is no channel switching, skipping commercials, or other distractions.

Newfoundland and Labrador has one of the highest numbers of moviegoers per capita in the country: an average 75,000 views per month. Along with this, 75% of the audience is from 18-24 years of age – a critical time for learning about breastfeeding.

Use these short video clips to promote breastfeeding in your community!

You Won’t Regret It

A 50 second video featuring local celebrities and health professionals with the goal of helping pregnant women and their families make an informed decision about infant feeding.

Breastfeeding Because

A 30 second video featuring local celebrities, community members, and health professionals with the goal of highlighting the importance of breastfeeding, including health benefits for Mom and baby.

Message Baby Friendly Newfoundland & Labrador

Baby Friendly Newfoundland & Labrador