Trained in providing quality breastfeeding support and management to those with lactation-related challenges, lactation consultants are an excellent source of information and support in addition to other members of your public health team.

Lactation Consultants are available in some hospital and community health settings in Newfoundland and Labrador. An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) identifies a specialist in lactation management. IBCLCs possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to provide quality breastfeeding support and management to mothers and babies with lactation-related problems.

If you want to find a lactation consultant in your area, please contact your local community/Public Health Nurse, family physician, or main primary care provider. These individuals will then refer you to a Lactation Consultant. There are a limited number of Lactation Consultants working in Newfoundland and Labrador.

To find a Lactation Consultant, you can also search the International Lactation Consultation Association website and the Canadian Lactation Consultation Association website.



JANET BEATTIE is a private practice Lactation consultant (IBCLC). For more on her practice, visit her facebook page.

As an LC, some of the issues I have helped moms with are: low supply; high supply; using nipple shields and weaning off shields; poor infant weight gains; establishing pain-free latch; adoptive nursing; laid back and side lying breastfeeding; identifying lip and tongue ties; and building breastfeeding confidence.

As a private practice LC, I visit parents in the comfort of their homes. Visits are usually 1.5-2hours. I am available evenings and weekends. Follow up via text, email, or phone at anytime after the initial visit. Fee for service.

Contact : [email protected] or text: 690-8725

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