To help work towards breastfeeding targets set provincially, the Public Education and Awareness working group of the Baby-Friendly Council of NL is pleased to present one of our newest social media campaign. This particular campaign includes 6 memes as well as 2 electronic signature files.

For those that are unfamiliar, memes (pronounced MEEMs) are short punchy catchphrases inserted on photos. These jpeg files can be shared easily from person to person via social networks, blogs, email, or can be inserted into presentations. As of May 27, 2017, these memes were posted on the Baby-Friendly Facebook page. Each meme is linked to where more information can be found on each of the topics including: deciding how to feed baby, how family can support breastfeeding, importance of skin-to-skin contact, finding help and support, and facts about breastfeeding.

This project was completed through consultation with mothers and families as well as reviewing local research findings.

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