Here are some resources to help you on your infant feeding journey. If you ever have an urgent question or require support, please contact your local public health nurse. Contact information is provided in the first resource link titled “Support”


If you have any concerns, need help, or extra support, please reach out to your public health nurse. Contact information is linked here.

Breastfeeding Supports in NL

Local support groups, La leche league, Lactation consultants, Public health nurses, LactMed

Breastfeeding Handbook

Extensive resource on breastfeeding including information on breastfeeding, starting breastfeeding, and continuing to breastfeed.

Why Breastfeed?

Importance of Breastfeeding, Recommendations, First 6 Months up to 3 Years and Beyond

How to Breastfeed

Breast milk supply, latching, signs breastfeeding is going well and more

The Early Days of Breastfeeding

First days, reading babies cues, hand expression, skin to skin, when to get help

Starting to Breastfeed

How to know when baby is ready, different feeding positions, signs of a good latch, and more

Common Concerns and How to Help

Sore nipples, not enough milk, latch issues, engorgement, and more

Life Choices and Breastfeeding

Nutrition, sex after birth, alcohol, medications, returning to work, and more

Support from Family and Friends

Ways partners, families, and friends can help support you in your infant feeding journey

Breastfeeding During Covid-19

Information on Covid-19 and Covid-19 vaccinations while pregnant and breastfeeding

Indigenous Families

Breastfeeding information and support for Indigenous families

Mental Health

Who to contact if you are experiencing mental health struggles after birth

Parent Mental Health Resources

Resources and supports for mental health in NL

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